“Fun and Profit” — Photo credit to Tim Gouw

If your development process is anything like mine, you tend to make lots of changes and worry about organizing the commits afterwards. This can lead to some frustration in separating the changes into neat, logical increments.

Add changes by patch

Adding changes with the --patch flag makes telling a clear commit “story” easy. For…

If you’ve never heard of pi-hole, it’s fantastic tool that blocks DNS requests to ad servers. That means you can surf the web without having to look at ads on every page.

I’m a big fan of running absolutely everything in docker, so I previously had a pi-hole container on…

As a developer, product management can be an entirely alien craft. It can seem like either a valueless function or it can seem like glue holding the whole operation together. Oftentimes, it’s somewhere in the middle and is heavily influenced by how your product manager fulfills their role. …

Connor Demille

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